Postage Rates

United States to Bahamas

As of April 15th, 2013, below are the current postage rates for mail sent from the USA to the Bahamas:

Bahamas to USA, other countries, and within the Bahamas

All letters and post cards require Bahamas stamps for postage. Stamps can be obtained in Hope Town at the post office on the second floor of the government building, the building nearest the big (main) dock in Hope Town. Stamps are also available in Marsh Harbour at the post office located in Dove Plaza. Posting of letters and post cards must be made at the post office as there are no other postal locations in Abaco, i.e., no post boxes for mailing letters.

Bahamas Air Mail Postage





USA & Canada




UK, Europe, South America, Central America, Bermuda,
Falklands, & Islands of the Mediterranean




Africa, Asia, Australia, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean




West Indies




Bahamas (excluding Abaco Island and the Abaco Cays)




Abaco Island and the Abaco Cays4




1 Per 1/2 ounce
2 Normal size post card
3 Aerogramme air letter -- special folded letter, not your normal envelope letter
4 Surface mail, not air mail within Abaco Island area, per 1 oz for letters.

Bahamas Surface Mail

Destination & Class of Mail

1 oz.

2 oz.

4 oz.

8 oz.

Foreign letters (all countries) $0.50 $1.10 $1.10 $2.20
Foreign post cards $0.35 ------ ------ ------
Domestic letters (within Bahamas) $0.20 ------ ------ ------
Domestic post cards (within Bahamas) $0.15 ------ ------ ------

Only the most common postage rates are given. If you need to know rates for other types of mail, please contact the Bahamas post office, or send an email to us and we'll try to find this information for you at email:

Note: all rates are subject to change. Air mail letters from the US to the Bahamas and from the Bahamas to the US take typically 10-20 days airmail;  Bahamas Surface Mail takes longer.

We believe the above rates are accurate, however, we are providing this list from a sheet provided to us on 1/3/2008 by the Hope Town post office, and we do not guarantee the accuracy of these tables -- this is the legal "stuff" we need to state to keep us out of trouble with our guests

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